Behavioral Services

Behavioral Services

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive behavioral services tailored to meet the unique needs of children with special requirements.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic method that uses behavior principles to help individuals improve their actions in a positive way. It’s a proven approach for people with conditions like autism, helping them with behavior, communication, social skills, and everyday tasks. ABA therapy works well in different places like homes, schools, and clinics, and can be adjusted to meet various needs and goals.


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We offer a variety of specialized services, such as Vb-mapp, ABBLA, and Psycho Educational sessions, to cater to the diverse needs of individuals with special requirements. These programs are specifically designed to improve communication, behavior, and learning skills, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients.

  • Vb-mapp
  • Psycho Educational


At our center, we make sure all staff have the right knowledge and training to do their jobs well. We offer training for parents to help them support their child’s development, and we also provide training for educators and practitioners to help them learn new techniques and strategies. These training sessions help us give the best care and support to everyone involved.

  • Parent Training.
  • Training for educators and practitioners.
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Christine DerSarkissian

Behavioral Analyst

With over 26 years of global experience in education, Christine collaborates with multiple schools to oversee specialists implementing individual plans for students with special needs. She has a strong background in teaching, assessment, and the creation and application of personalized learning and behavioral plans.