Christine DerSarkissian 

Christine DerSarkissian is a highly qualified and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA), and International Behavior Analyst (IBA).

She co-founded and manages Karim Early Behavioral Intervention Specialized Ambassadors (EBISA), a center dedicated to training paraprofessionals in evidence-based behavioral services to enhance the behavior and abilities of individuals with special needs .

Previously, Christine served as president of the Association for Behavior Analysis-Lebanon (ABAL), the affiliated chapter of ABA-International. She also held the role of Program Supervisor at Maharat Arabia Learning Center – KSA, where she trained and supervised therapy teams and tailored programs for clients.

Additionally, Christine works as a project coordinator and consultant with Autism-MENA, Jordan, focusing on designing Autism Technician Developmental Programs and training special educators. Currently pursuing her Educational Doctorate program at UCAM, Christine graduated from Université Saint Joseph in Beirut with a degree in clinical psychology in 2000. She completed her BCaBA course sequence at the Florida Institute of Technology in 2014 and earned her MS in psychology with an emphasis on Behavior Analysis from Capella University in 2016, becoming a BCBA in 2017.

With over 26 years of global experience in education, Christine collaborates with multiple schools to oversee specialists implementing individual plans for students with special needs. She has a strong background in teaching, assessment, and the creation and application of personalized learning and behavioral plans. Christine has conducted lectures and seminars in Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Dubai, Jordan, and KSA. Her ultimate goal is to integrate the neurodiversity population into the community as independent and functional members.